Love Eastbourne

Love Eastbourne is a project we launched at Kings Church where we’re blessing our town, no strings attached. Eastbourne is a beautiful place to live, and the concept is that through acts of kindness and generosity we can make it even more amazing for the people who live here. A token is left with each act of kindness, many of which are anonymous, and the recipient is invited to join in and ‘pay it forward’. You can find out all about Love Eastbourne here.

With it comes an Instagram channel which we’re using to share stories, ideas and generally celebrate the beauty of Eastbourne. Mixed in are a series of conceptual posts below — with one (true) story. All the photography is original, which I snapped on a few photo-walks round town. These posts were also fed into our various social media channels at Kings and help drive the project forward in the early phase.

To see how we used these posts, head over to our Love Eastbourne Instagram channel

Coffee makes the world go round

Love this space

Love this space

Keep your eyes open

Love this space

Love this space

A little something to brighten up your day

Time to bless

Drive by blessings

Even when it's grey it's beautiful

Everybody loves good neighbours

Sussex Boys Barbers