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Portfolio stream on Flickr

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Designer, videographer, general content-creator and slight photography addict. This used to be the portfolio of Sam Arnold. Well, it kind of still is. Read more

I’m not really freelancing right now, as my main day job is pretty full-on, but it’s always nice to keep a record of what one does. I’m using Flickr to keep things simple and easy (life is too short!), so check out my stream of ever expanding projects here.

I’ve also launched a baby YouTube channel, which you can catch a few vlogs. Hopefully more to come in future, as I love it.

Mainly, I’m on staff at Kings Church Eastbourne where I run the media and communications. I love exploring new technology, and seeing how it could be used to fuel the mission of church. We’ve landed here in the 21st Century, in one of the riches countries on Earth, with the most insane communication tools the world has ever known. Maybe, just maybe, we are meant to use it. We have been given five talents.  

Email: sam@sa-design.co.uk


A few of my vids…

↑   The Gospel in 140 Seconds

↑   Paul Huggins Video Story

↑   Kids Christmas music video

↑   Worship video for King’s Church (reconnecting after CV19)

↑   Sermon series intro: design, script, voiceover & editing

↑   History and vision of Kings Church Eastbourne

↑   This is about That: Marriage and the Gospel

↑   Music video for The Cheeky Pandas

↑   Video Stories: Matt & Faith

↑   ‘Welcome to the livestream’ pre-roll video for Kings

↑   Video Stories: Sally & PJ

↑   Music video produced for the song ‘Bluebells and Blossom’ by Throwback Kid.