Working on this…

↑   ‘This is about that‘ resource video illustrating how the symbolism of marriage reflects the Christian gospel. Shot in 4K and available to purchase through Vimeo On Demand.

Kings Church Website
↑   Website designed and authored for www.kings.church

↑   A snapshot of Kings Church Eastbourne in 60 seconds for the home page of their website. Shot in 4K.

Identity Magazine

↑   48 page termly magazine for Kings Church. See more.

↑   ‘Help Raise a Child’ — short video casting vision at Kings. Shot in 4K.

↑   ’27 Stories’ — produced for Kings ‘United at the Congress’ event.

Jump Physiotherapy Identity / Branding

↑   Logo/branding put together for Jump Physiotherapy. Initially used for posters, flyers and social media.

Identity Magazine

↑   ‘Help Raise a Child’ artwork used on Identity Magazine.

↑   Animation produced for the launch of the New Ground family of churches.

Love Eastbourne Instagram

↑   Logo design and concept posts for the Love Eastbourne social media campaign created through original design and photography. View more here.

Genesis Teaching Series Artwork

↑   Artwork produced for Genesis teaching series at Kings.

Media at Kings

↑   Poster displaying artwork produced for various teaching series at Kings.

SA Design Business Cards

↑   SA Design business card. 400gsm matt lamented front with spot UV, uncoated back.

↑   Video story of Luke Meehan, produced for Kings Church Eastbourne. View the full archive here.


↑   Citizens teaching series artwork.

Rose and Geoff's Childminding

↑   Branding and business card for Rose and Geoff’s Childminding.

↑   Stories from Newday. View the full archive of video stories here.

The Father teaching series

↑   The Father teaching series artwork.


↑   Various logos.

Analogue Forever

↑   Analogue: experiments with film photography. View on Flickr.

Origins teaching series

↑   Origins teaching series artwork.

Strand of Gold: History

↑   Strand of Gold: History.